An M-K-T twofer at North Jefferson

If you're one who loves Missouri-Kansas-Texas engines as well as cabooses, this one's for you! 
With the scenic bluffs east of North Jefferson, Missouri, in the background, Katy's daily northbound train rolls past Milepost 142 (denoting the distance to St. Louis). GP40s 170 and 185 are in charge of the freight, which includes caboose 215 up front.  While usually found punctuating the end of trains, "waycars" sometimes landed in other parts of car consists. Often, this happened when the caboose needed to be repositioned for use on other parts of the system. The example featured in the above photo is headed for Baden Yard in north St. Louis, the end of the line for this train.
This image, dated February 20, 1982, is the work of railfan photographer Tim Tonge. It's one of the hundreds of colorful photographs you'll find in Michael Landis' upcoming book, Show-Me Katy: Memories of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad.