'Twas a cold day in Clinton

MKT railroad train in Clinton, Missouri

This article originally appeared on December 28, 2017

‘Twas a cold day in Clinton, and all through the city- not a creature was stirring, not even the Katy.  A fresh blanket of snow was on the ground when railfan Don Kaiser captured this scene of his hometown’s MKT depot.


By the looks of her pilot, GP40 #187 must have encountered a tall snowdrift somewhere along the Sedalia Subdivision.  In this image taken around 1975, the unit is seen idling between her daily switching duties.


Today, Clinton is the end of the line for what remains of the Katy mainline across Missouri.  The line south to Nevada is now operated by Missouri & Northern Arkansas.  The trackage north to Sedalia was taken out of service after 1989; the abandoned right-of-way now constitutes the westernmost section of Katy Trail State Park.

Don Kaiser is one of the dozens of photographers we’re excited about featuring in Show-Me The Katy. The above photo is one of several of his you’ll find in the upcoming book.


In the coming days we will be wrapping up our image submissions. We’ve had hundreds of fantastic images sent in. We will soon begin the fun, though difficult task of narrowing the number down for the book.  We appreciate the time and assistance offered by those interested in this project.  If you’d like to submit slides, high-resolution slide scans, or clean negatives of the MKT in Missouri, please e-mail us: locomotivemichael@gmail.com.