Katy's Country: Recalling the Final Days of a Midwestern Mainline (DVD Video)

Katy's Country: Recalling the Final Days of a Midwestern Mainline (DVD Video)

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Join host and producer “Locomotive” Mike Landis for a nostalgic look at a midwestern mainline railroad fighting to succeed in the 1980s.

Linking the metropolis of Missouri with the cities and ports of the Lone Star State, the Katy Railroad served the south central US for nearly 120 years. Officially known as the Missouri-Kansas-Texas, the line found itself by the 1980s struggling for survival as a smaller carrier surrounded by other railroads merging to form mega systems. By the latter part of the decade, the MKT itself was in the process of being merged into the Union Pacific; her days an independent railroad were numbered. Ken Kaiser, a railroad enthusiast, living in Clinton, Missouri along the line to St. Louis, saw the writing on the wall; he sought to capture the last days of his favorite hometown railroad. With his home camcorder in hand, he was there to witness the Katy’s last hurrah in Henry County.

That rare footage has been compiled into this feature presentation- Katy's Country. It's a 65-minute guided tour and trackside seat to all the exciting train action. You’ll see an eclectic mix of colorful locomotives heading up freight and piggyback, coal, and local trains bouncing along rickety rail through Henry County- much of which was abandoned soon after these memories were captured. The trains may be gone, but these memories live on.

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